there will be blood: trimming baby nails

One thing I didn't realize was how fast my baby's nails would grow or how scary it would be to cut those little fingers while the little guy is squirming around. I actually cut his skin by mistake one time and it bled quite a bit. Luckily I was more freaked out than Ishaan. I avoided doing it regularly because I was traumatized by the finger cutting incident (I usually waited and asked the babysitter to do it), but he would sometimes scratch his little face. The other day I decided to purchase the ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer and I am so glad I did.

The BUZZ B is a battery-operated nail trimmer that safely files tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. A gentle, yet effective oscillating action trims baby's nails and includes two power settings. BUZZ B comes with four cushioned pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby's growth. Plus it has a cute little case to keep everything stored together neatly. It is super easy to use and quite effective. I whole heartedly recommend this product and wish I had put it on my registry, but I was worried that it was just a gimmick. It's not!! I love it. It's listed for $33.40 on Amazon, so it is a bit pricey, but it is totally worth it. Saving you time and preventing clipper mishaps. Click the image below to purchase via

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer

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